Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery
BizEdge Online Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery
Focuses mainly on promoting original contemporary art by Vancouver and Canadian artists,
as well as a few American and international artists.
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Why Buy
Art Online?

"The greatest threat in my view to the existing gallery sales status quo is that in the next generation, the marketplace will be populated by consumers weaned on the Internet, comfortable with online purchases, and time stressed enough to want to avoid the gallery experience."
-- artist and author Marques Vickers


A Billion Dollar
Online Art Sales

The online art market now exceeds one billion dollars a year in sales. In 2012 online art sales was worth $870 million. In 2013 online art sales were worth $1.6 billion. In 2015 online art sales continued to grow at a a phenomenal rate.


View Local Art Online
Before Buying

Enjoy the convenience of online shopping for art in the comfort of your own home. You get to view the art of hundreds of local artists before deciding whether to buy online, or pay a visit to a local artist's studio.


Why Buy Art From Our Artists?

All artwork is original.
We are not paid any commission.
The artists only pay a small advertising fee.
No third-party gallery fees to be paid.
You often get to deal directly with the artists.
We carefully screen the artists.

About BizEdge Online

Biz-Edge Online has been
providing an online advertising
and marketing service to
niche industry clients,
since 2006.

contact: Derek

Our Commitment

This art website has been created to help individual artists get their original art seen by art enthusiasts in Vancouver.

The Artist as Solopreneur

As an ndependent artist you can build a successful Art Solopreneur Business complete with full business and marketing plans, together with the latest responsive website. For more information Contact Us.

Art Advertising on This Website

Get your creativity and your name known to a wider audience.
Advertise your art on this site starting at C$15 per month. Contact Us.
For more on advertising your art in major art markets visit
This invitation is restricted to individual professional artists, both represented and unrepresented, and artist-studios.
Galleries and individual artists can be exhibited on Contemporary Art Vancouver